The Teacher Within


32105056_1746243175412179_7976276347716632576_nThe Teacher Within is a journey that challenges you to look within and find who you are. When you teach from the heart, you will find the power to overcome the challenging times, to be there for your students no matter the circumstances, and transform your bad days into good ones.


With The Teacher Within, we invite you to look beyond the walls of the classroom, find your core values, and discover the spark that keeps your calling alive. Embark on a guided journey to achieve a life filled with inner harmony, fulfilling relationships, resilience and greater productivity.


The Teacher Within journey has four levels: Awareness, Recognition, Actions, and Transformation. These words make up an acronym for the Romanian word ARAT – which means to till, symbolizing the cycle of life. This acronym became our metaphor for the teachers of the 21st century, visionaries and strategists; educators with equal measures of compassion and motivation, who understand that they themselves have to become learners and adapt their knowledge and personalities to best impact their students.

The Teacher Within was released in May 2018 in Hong Kong and in July 2018 in the USA.

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