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New-01Transylvania Leadership Camp (TLC) a project of Transylvania College Foundation  brings together campers aged between 12 and 16 years old from all regions of Romania, other European countries and the United States. Through a carefully designed program of fun and instructive activities, we re-enforce principles of leadership and responsibility for our campers. They learn to challenge themselves, to persevere, discover their creativity and spark through arts, crafts and drama, and learn skills that will help them become leaders in their schools and local communities. All activities are conducted in English.

The camp property at Baisoara consists of 2 acres of land adjacent to national forest. The camp facilities consist of a lodge with a great room and kitchen, with bedrooms on the second floor. Three other renovated cabins provide modern baths and bedrooms that allow campers to stay in clean and simple comfort. An outdoor pavilion provides space for arts and crafts and outdoor picnics. A renovated barn provides an indoor space for shop and building activities. A large and open grass yard allows campers to engage in a mixture of Romanian and American sports.

Dates: We are offering three camp sessions, with a four-day tour included. These tours, through other towns and villages in Transylvania, will be via van and campers will be chaperoned by adult leaders from the camp. One price covers all meals, local transportation and lodging.


Session 1: July 1 – July 9

Optional Tour Add On Dates: July 9-13

Session 2: July 15 – July 23

Optional Tour Add On Dates: July 23-27

Session 3: July 29 – August 6


For more information please contact:

In Europe: Dan Baciu, Executive Director and Founder, Europe

dan.baciu@transylvania-college.ro Tel: +40761 564 499


In the U.S.: Alex Walworth, Executive Director, United States





A mindful journey with Simona Baciu

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5-poza-primului-proiect-okAn ample project under Simona Baciu’s name will consist of a series of proactive actions towards students and teachers, which are meant to create her personal legacy for the Transylvania College community.

For startes, the following initiatives will be launched:

1) For the love of reading, which will cultivate the love of books among kindergarten and primary students.
– D.E.A.R. – Drop everything and read  is a reading club established in the Transylvania College library, where Simona will read to students and will have special guests actors, writers, renown personalities.

2) A Mindful Leader will create a national culture of leadership among students, teachers and parents

a) Mindful Spots – there will be moments more or less impromptu when Simona will choose a student of a teacher from school to invite for coffee / tea / lunch, to have a “mindful intervention”. This way, she can

develop mentoring relationships throughout the school, which would include talking, coaching and meditating on their matters of interest.

b) Inspiring Talks – Simona will invite each year three key-note speakers of national and international level, who will give students and teachers various inspirational speeches and advice. Simona will be the forth speaker. Each speaker will be preceeded on stage by a student who will prepare a motivational speech of his own. Moreover, Simona is determined to consolidate the Commencement Speech tradition at Transylvania College and in Romania, to turn the High School Graduation Ceremony into a memorable experience and a challenge for the young graduates (http://www.keepinspiring.me/7-motivational-graduation-speeches-that-will-inspire-you/).

c) Family Business Education is the program through which we can raise students with strong characters, a positive and proactive attitude, cultivate their entrepreneurial spirit and their courage to take over their family’s business or to build their own business with their family, relying upon ethics and good business manners.

2016. Simona Baciu. Toate drepturile rezervate.