“The economic strength of women” – volume coordinated by Andreea Paul

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What economic strength did women’s entrepreneurship gain? Who are its representatives? How did they make it in a fierce competition of the business world? Here are some of the questions we are trying to answer in this book, a natural sequel to the previous book, published five years ago, where we talked about the political strength of women.

This time, some of the most successful business women have been invited to provide some of the answers and also share their experiences with the readers. After the introductory chapter, where we present the main landmarks of the private feminine initiatives in Romania, the supporting mechanisms and the concerned policies, 56 business women from numerous fields briefly recount how they set up their business, the failures and obstacles they faced, along with extremely useful recommendations for women who want their own start-up and for politicians who can create a more fluid and efficient economic environment.

Read more: adev.ro/o4t1x0

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