“Keep Your Window Clean”

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You can always choose the “window” you are looking through for observing the outside world. It is not enough to choose the most enchanting panoramic views, but the way that you look at it. For me, to look with love in the eyes of those around me and to those to whom I speak to, [...]

Simona Baciu: Cum a construit școala care trimite copiii la cele mai bune universități ale lumii

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Când lucrurile nu sunt limpezi sau când nu știe ce să facă, Simona Baciu aleargă. Un obicei pe care l-a deprins cu mult timp în urmă, dar care e și astăzi la fel de eficient: câteva mii de pași într-un ritm mai alert fac minuni atunci când pe masă este o decizie importantă. Transilvania College, [...]

Why Teaching Kindness in Schools Is Essential

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Aside from parents who contribute significantly to building good character traits and morals, teachers and schools play a vital part in establishing solid foundations for happy, positive and successful futures. Success in the classroom has been closely linked to emotional well-being, so values and social and emotional education should be a responsibility shared by both [...]

Transportation Logistics on Mars by Vlad-Adrian Muresan

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Grand Prize Winner: Transportation Logistics on Mars by Vlad-Adrian Muresan University of Arts and Design, Romania Description: The painting depicts a moment in which astronauts create transportation systems for travelling the distance between the Red Planet and Earth. I wanted to convey a feeling of innovative creativity of the space equipment, all these objects being [...]

At the reception offered in honor of his Royal Highness the Prince of Wales

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On 29th of March, I had the honor to attend , during which His Excellency Klaus Werner Iohannis, President of Romania, awarded the "Star of Romania" medal as Rank of Great Cross to acknowledge "the fondness for his activity in Romania and for promoting its image in the world". During this exceptional event, I had [...]

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