A mindful journey with Simona Baciu

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An ample project under Simona Baciu’s name will consist of a series of proactive actions towards students and teachers, which are meant to create her personal legacy for the Transylvania College community.


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Daca vorbim despre excelenta la feminin, despre daruire, determinare si carisma, atunci vorbim despre Simona Baciu. Un om care intotdeauna a imbratisat schimbarea si care crede cu pasiune in educatie. A fost profesor la liceul Gheorghe Sincai din Cluj-Napoca, iar in anul 1993 a infiintat o gradinita cu doua linii de studiu: dupa curriculum romanesc si [...]

Thank God it’s Monday!

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Yes, you heard me! Not only are we back in school for an exciting new year, but we are thinking big. For me, each Monday represents a new beginning, an upgraded version of what I was last week, whether that is a chance to start anew or to advance my projects. Either way, Mondays are positively charged for me.

10 essentials cu Simona Baciu

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After 20 years, it’s still about education!

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1996 was the year when I had the chance to go for the first time in the USA, with the help of the Soros Foundation. It was a time when many questions were in my mind and I found many of the answers to them in my unique visit to the US. During that visit, [...]

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