„My  goal is to cultivate and nurture the love for life-long learning, while keeping a curious mind, an open heart and a caring soul for the world we live in.”

Simona Baciu is an innovative and visionary leader in education, founder of Transylvania College, the Cambridge International School in Cluj. She is recipient of a British International School Lifetime Award and holder of the Custodian of the Romanian Crown Medal, awarded for her outstanding contribution to education.

As a Board Member of Round Square, Global Connections, Princess Margareta of Romania Foundation, and TedX Eroilor, Simona acts as an agent of change for education both at home and abroad.

Over the past 25 years, she has authored numerous publications and spoken at both national and international conferences promoting education for the 21st century, incorporating social-emotional learning, mindfulness and well-being. Her knowledge has now been turned into a book entitled „The Teacher Within”, providing a unique approach to understanding teachers’view, while providing tools for their personal well-being.




Round Square, 2016 – present



2016, Autobiographic Chapter in “The Economic Force of Women” by Andreea Paul

2016, Autobiographic Article in the “Careers” Magazine, no.225/2016

2004, Autobiographic Chapter in “The Curtain Rises: Oral History of the Fall of Communism in the Eastern Europe” by Susan Shapiro



2016, Custodian of the Romanian Crown Medal, awarded by HRH Crown Princess Margareta, Custodian of the Romanian Crown

2014, Emerging Entrepreneur of the Year, awarded by Ernst & Young

2014, Award for Education, awarded at the Mediafax Gala

2013, Honorary Recognition for the contribution to the Romanian education, awarded by HRH Crown Princess Margareta of Romania

2013, Media Excellency Award

2013, Excellency Prize, awarded by the Cluj-Napoca City Hall

2011, Award for the support given to the “Entrepreneurs Factory”, project organized by the Career Development Center

2005, Fundraising Award, received at the “People for People Gala”
2004, Woman of the Year, awarded by the American Biographical Institute “based on her outstanding accomplishments to date and the noble example she has set for her peers and entire community”

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